How To Plan For The Retirement Lifestyle You Want 

Retirement planning featured image

Whether you are 50 years away from retirement or have only a couple of years left until you kick your job into touch, now is the time to start thinking about how to plan for the retirement lifestyle you desire. I really started to get serious about my retirement options around five years ago – … Read more

28 Ways To Earn Money From Home (UK)

Earn Money From Home UK feature image

From being tired of idle office gossip, to having a passion you want to share with the world – there are plentiful reasons you may decide you want to earn money from home. Here are some great, realistic ideas to transform your work life into a life you love. There’s something wonderful about earning money … Read more

Top 5% Income UK

Top 5% Income UK feature image

How much do you think you’d need to be earning to be in the top 5% income in the UK? You might be surprised with the answer. And if you want to be earning more, you may also be surprised just how close you are… Is the cost-of-living crisis starting to bite into your disposable … Read more

Is Tesco Clubcard Worth It?

Is The Tesco Clubcard Worth It feature image

Unlock the benefits of the Tesco Clubcard: discounts, rewards, and how it can save you money. Is the Tesco Clubcard really worth it? We ring it all up right here. The Tesco Clubcard is the supermarket’s equivalent of the old Green Shield Stamps. I used to sit and stick the stamps collected by my parents … Read more

Moneyfarm Vs Hargreaves Lansdown

Moneyfarm Vs Hargreaves Lansdown feature image

Considering using a trading platform? Here are the key differences for Moneyfarm Vs Hargreaves Lansdown – two of the most popular investment platforms in the UK. Are you looking for a way to invest? There are many platforms you could use to invest your money in stocks and shares, funds, commodities, and more. Two of … Read more

Blue Light Card Discounts

Blue Light Card Discounts feature image

If you work, volunteer, or are retired from the emergency services, NHS, social care sector or armed forces, then some fantastic Blue Light Card discounts await! Find out everything you need to know right here… Ever heard of the Blue Light Card? It’s the single most amazing discount card in the UK. If you are … Read more

Best Money-Making Apps

Best Money-Making Apps UK feature image

You want to make some extra cash from your phone, but don’t know which to download and commit your time to. There are so many out there! Thankfully, our financially savvy Michael Barton has researched the best money-making apps in the UK for us… If you have a mobile phone, money-making apps could be the … Read more

The Difference Between A Bank And A Building Society

The Difference Between A Bank And A Building Society feature image

What can a building society offer you that a bank can’t? And vice versa? Do you know? Where you hold and build your money is important, so we’ve put together this concise guide to help you understand the difference between a bank and a building society. Should you open a building society account or a … Read more

Best Paid Surveys UK

With many UK paid survey sites to choose from, deciding which is worth your time can be daunting. Which is why we’ve done some heavy research and gold-mined the best paid surveys in the UK to spend your time on and help you earn some extra cash. Have you ever been surveyed on the high … Read more

The Cheapest Way To Heat A Room

The Cheapest Way To Heat A Room feature image

“Heat the person, not the room.” What a patronising statement that is in 21st century UK. Sure, the cost of living is biting. High energy bills are crucifying us all. The Bank of England seems hell bent on pushing interest rates until they squeeze even the most resilient mortgage payer. None of this should matter … Read more

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