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OhMyDosh Review

If we said you could earn money and quick, with some perks thrown in for good measure, would your ears prick up with excitement or suspicion? If so, you’ll want to read this… Check out our unbiased and honest OhMyDosh review…

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Michael Barton

Michael has almost quarter of a century’s experience in the financial world. This includes trading and institutional sales trading, and in senior positions to VP of Global Equities, as well as Head of Trader Training, at companies including Merrill Lynch (SNC), Cargill Investor Services, and Goldman Sachs. Michael’s experience also extends to providing financial advice as a personal financial advisor in the UK.
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Never heard of OhMyDosh? It could be a mini-money spinner for you. It’s quick and easy to use, and pays out quickly. Whether you need a few quid fast or want to develop a new income stream, OhMyDosh could be the answer.

In this review, we look at how you can make the most of this website-based cashback way to make extra money.

Quick Verdict

OhMyDosh is an easy-to-use website for making a few extra quid each month. If you use it effectively – staying constant and disciplined – then is no reason why you shouldn’t make up to around £200 per month for a few minutes of fun each day that pays cashback on the offers available on its site.

From no-spend offers to free trials to energy switches, you could make and save money every day, week, and month.

What Is OhMydosh?

How do you fancy spending, say, 15 minutes a day to earn a couple of hundred pounds each month? What if I told you that this was possible with no outlay, or while shopping for things you’d buy anyway? How about working from home and earning money from completing free trials, surveys, and more?

Welcome to OhMyDosh, a UK cashback and rewards website, and a hassle-free way to make money online. You can be up and running within just a few minutes. Within an hour of signing up, you could already have made £20 or £30.

How Does OhMyDosh Work?

You’ll need to set up an OhMyDosh account to get started. Don’t worry – this only takes a few moments. You’ll need to be a UK resident and over 18. Enter your name, email address, and create a password and you’re away.

Now for the fun part:

  • The first step is to browse the categories or use the website’s search function to find an offer (or task) that interests you. When you select the task that you wish to complete, a cookie tracks what you are doing.
  • Next, complete the offer. This could be something like sign up for a free trial or fill in an online survey, or perhaps you wish to buy something from Groupon and receive a cashback reward (yep, cashback from a Groupon purchase – mad, isn’t it!).
  • The cookie that is tracking your actions sees that you have completed the offer and marks it as pending.
  • Once approved, the offer becomes payable, and the reward amount is added to your OhMyDosh balance. How long this takes depends upon the offer, though ‘Lightning Payouts’ take just three days.
  • Finally, withdraw your cash to your PayPal account or direct to your bank account. To do this, you’ll need to have reached at least £10 in rewards.

That’s all there is to it. All that is left to do is to repeat the process with more offers.

OhMyDosh Categories

At the left-hand edge of each page on the website, you’ll see the following on the menu:

  • Hot Offers
  • No Spend
  • Lightning Payouts
  • Paid Surveys
  • High Earners
  • Bingo & Gambling
  • New Offers
  • Trials
  • Food & Drink
  • Shop & Earn
  • Entertainment
  • Phone & Broadband
  • Energy
  • Insurance & Finance
  • Great Deals
  • All Offers

These are categories of offers. For example, if you click on ‘Food & Drink’, you’ll see a web page like the following:

OhMyDosh Food & Drink menu screenshot

Scroll down further and you’ll see more offers. All you need to do now is to click on an offer that you would like to complete.

Completing An Offer

When you click on an offer, you’ll be presented with what you need to do in the same format every time. I clicked on the ‘SimplyCook’ offer. Here’s the page that came next:

OhMyDosh Offer Screenshot

The Offer is shown in the header bar – for this offer, earn £2.50 upon completion.

The Description describes the product or service. In this case the SimplyCook website and the first four recipes free (though you must pay £1.00 postage).

The Instructions describe what you must do to – sign up, order your free trial box (with £1 postage), and remain a SimplyCook member until you receive your first box.

Underneath, you’ll find the terms and conditions for the offer to be completed and payment to be made. For this offer, these are the Ts & Cs:

  • You are a new member with SimplyCook.
  • You must enter your correct details.
  • You have to order your free SimplyCook trial box (and pay £1 postage) and remain a member until you receive your first box.
  • This offer may take up to 24 hours for its status to change to ‘pending’.
  • Once pending, the average time for this offer to become payable is 30 days.

Complete this offer, and you’ll receive a free trial box of four recipes with key ingredients. You’ll spend £1 on postage, but receive £2.50 into your OhMyDosh account after 30 days! Now, doesn’t that sound like a tasty deal – and all for a couple of minutes of your time!

Click on the green ‘Complete to Earn’ button to take the offer.

Special Categories

If you have eagle eyes, you’ll have noticed eight special categories at the top of the Earn Dosh menu. These are where you’ll find some of the juiciest offers.

These are some of the most popular offers of the day. These could be free trials, casino offers, financial offers, and more. They won’t be around long, so you’ll need to act fast to take advantage of them.

No Spend

This is a great place to start your OhMyGosh life. You may see offers for free trials, app downloads, or requests to register with a website.

As an example, on the day I’m writing this review there is an offer to sign up to Experian and receive a free credit score. Do this, and you’ll receive £4. Plus, it’s a Lightning Payout, so you’ll receive your money within three days.

The No Spend category is ideal to kickstart your earnings on OhMyDosh.

Lightning Payouts

If you want quick cash, this is the category to visit. All of the offers on this page pay out within three days, which is super-fast compared to other cashback sites.

Paid Surveys

While it’s not a site dedicated to paid online surveys, OhMyDosh has a steady stream of offers for paid survey sites. If you want to try out earning money completing surveys, this is a fantastic place to start – you can get paid to sign up to survey sites and complete the task (i.e. complete a survey on the site).

High Earners

These are the biggest payout offers on the site. However, you will usually need to sign up for a service to earn your reward. For example, ‘sign up for SKY from £26 per month and earn £25′.

Bingo & Gambling

Now, I’m not a gambler, but OhMyDosh provides some very attractive offers in this category. For example, as I write this review, I can sign up for a share of 40 EuroMillions tickets for £2 and earn £3! I’ll be up a pound and have a chance of winning part of a multi-million-pound jackpot.

New Offers

All the latest offers are found in this category, as well as in their individual categories. A daily must-visit category.


This is the page where you’ll find all the free trial offers, with cashback rewards to take advantage of.

Tips To Use OhMyDosh Effectively

Once you get started, OhMyDosh can be addictive. You can make some good cash on the side, but you must be careful not to overstep. Here are my tips to make the most out of OhMyDosh:

  • Stick to the categories in which you are most interested.
  • Always cancel the free trials before they become paid subscriptions – unless you wish to take up the subscription, of course.
  • Search for offers when you want to buy gifts for others or treat yourself. For example, at the time of writing this, by using your OhMyDosh account you can receive:
    • Up to 9% cashback with Groupon
    • 8% Cashback with Virgin Hot Air Balloons (one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had)
    • 10% cashback with Red Letter Days
    • 10% cashback with Buyagift
  • 12% cashback with The Works (that already offer savings of up to 80% on books, toys, stationary, and art supplies).
  • Never shop online without first visiting OhMyDosh to see if there are comparable deals with cashback available.
  • Visit OhMyDosh daily, and be disciplined when completing offers.
  • Check the daily competitions – get paid to enter and have the chance to win tremendous prizes.
  • Refer your friends – you’ll be paid £5 for any who sign up and breach the £10 cashout stage.

Make £30 From OhMyDosh In The Next Hour

It really is possible to get started making money on OhMyDosh quickly. Here’s how I can make £30 and more in an hour at the time of writing this review (of course, offers are continually changing, so you’ll need to look for the right offers when you sign up):

  • Deposit £10 with Heart Bingo. I’ll get a £30 Bingo Bonus and 100 free spins to play. Once I’ve played through my money, I receive £17.50 cashback for a profit of £7.50.
  • Sign up for an Experian Credit Report and earn £4 for doing so.
  • Sign up to UK Power to compare my energy prices. Switch to a more competitive provider, save up to £387 on my energy bills – and earn a cashback of £12.50.
  • Order and activate a Currensea Travel Debit Card to receive £5 cashback.
  • Complete a survey with GFK Media and earn £2.50.

That’s £31.50 earned in less than an hour.

The Bottom Line

As we all battle against the rising cost of living, any advantage you can get helps. OhMyDosh is one of these advantages. You can use the site to save money and to make money. It’s a great first port of call for spending that you would normally make.

For regular spending such as insurances, energy, and car breakdown cover, it can save you money as well as pay you cashback. If you’re thinking of switching energy providers, why not get paid to do so?

This is an easy-to-use website, and it can be fun, too. For a few minutes each day, you should aim to cash out up to £200 per month. That’s your family summer holiday paid for, lock, stock, and barrel.

There are other cashback websites available, but it’s easy to see why OhMyDosh has a high 4.2/5-star rating on Trustpilot with 78% 5-star reviews.

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