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Make Money App Review

The Make Money App sounds appealing from the off with its name, and according to its reviews it’s scoring mostly 5 stars. But not all is as it seems. Before you download, read this honest and fair Make Money App review first for a clearer picture…

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It’s been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play. It promises payment (in cash) when you try free apps, watch videos, take online surveys, and complete offers. But is it a scam?

If you’re bored with the nine-to-five drudgery of everyday work and love playing games and surfing on your mobile phone, the Make Money app could be your dream experience. Does it help you do exactly what it says on the tin – make money? Or is it another time waster that promises much and delivers little?

Let’s find out.

Quick Verdict

Can you put extra in your pocket using the Make Money app? The answer is yes. However…

Some of the offers available on the app are a waste of time and effort – ignore the 5-star reviews and read the real reviews! This said, if you love playing games online, you could earn a few quid doing what you love to do.

In short, if you want to earn real money in your free time there are better ways to do so – like developing a side hustle or passive income stream.

If you are looking for a reputable app that allows you to make money then we’d suggest Swagbucks, which offers a multitude of money-making opportunities.

What Is the Make Money App?

The Make Money app is operated by Free International Calls App Ltd., a company that was founded in the UK in 2014. When you download it, you can start making money for doing a variety of tasks on your phone. Perhaps the most common is by downloading free apps.

How Does the Make Money App Work?

Make Money earn cash screenshot

To try out Make Money, the first thing to do is to download the app to your iOS or Android device. As soon as you’ve downloaded Make Money, you’re ready to start making money by completing tasks offered on the app.

The first task you should do is to complete your profile, which you’ll find in the ‘More Tasks’ tab. You’re not going to give away any information other than your name and email address – which is essential to get paid.

For every task you complete, you will be awarded credits. You can then convert these credits to cash, which will be paid into your PayPal account.

How Much Are Credits Worth?

With many apps like this, you need to accumulate a ridiculous number of credits to earn any money. The Make Money app awards a decent number of credits for the tasks you complete, and the withdrawal level is low.

The Payouts page details how credits convert to cash: 12,500 credits are worth £10. Which means you’ll earn £1 for every 1,250 credits you accumulate.

What Tasks Are Available on Make Money?

Your first port of call on the app is the ‘Tasks’ Tab. You’ll find many offers here. If you can’t find anything that grabs your attention, then click on the ‘More Tasks’ tab. This will give you the option to navigate to three further offer walls:

  • The ‘Fantastic Offer’ Wall
  • The ‘Awesome Offer’ Wall
  • The ‘Super Offer’ Wall

Some great starter tasks include sharing the Make Money App on Facebook, inviting friends (you’ll earn 100 credits for every sign-up using your referral code), and simply ‘checking in’ to the Make Money app every day.

If you love playing online games, then you’ll love getting paid to do so on Make Money. Like all the app download tasks, you’ll need to download the game and use it for a few minutes, though with games you will usually need to reach a certain level to earn your credits – not so good for me, as playing online games is not my strong point!

You can also earn credits for watching videos! These are usually around 20 to 30 seconds long. But you only receive a couple of credits per video.

Other tasks that you could complete include completing surveys, testing products, and signing up for services.

Pros & Cons

I always like to weigh up the pros and cons of everything I do. Reviewing this app is no different.

The Pros

The Make Money app has a lot going for it:

1. There are plenty of task offers available. You’ll have a wide range of tasks to choose from, so there should be something that you’ll enjoy doing every day.
2. Because the app can be downloaded to both iOS and Android, whatever type of mobile device you have you’ll be able to get involved in Make Money.
3. You can choose how you get paid from a list of payment providers on the app. You can even be paid in Bitcoin, or into a fee-free Advcash e-wallet.
4. There are some simple things you can do to earn credits, like inviting your friends to sign up – though the number of credits you can earn on these simple tasks is low.
5. You only have to accumulate £5 to request a payout.

The Cons

Now for the cons, and there are several you’ll need to consider before signing up. You might not earn as much as the blurb on the app leads you to believe you can. There are several reasons for this:

1. Firstly, you’ll need to reach a certain level in the games you play within a set time. This can be challenging, and logging in regularly to do so can become a pain in the backside.
2. Then there are the ‘free’ games – which they rarely are. At least not to get to the level required to earn the credits offered. Invariably, you’ll need to buy more powerful weapons or extra tokens or new features, or whatever the game wants you to buy.

You’ll only earn your Make Money credits if you pay to boost your game performance! If you’ve been playing a game for a week or so, you’ll need to decide if it’s worth carrying on, or if you simply quit and earn zero credits.
3. Surveys are poor payers, as are watching videos.

4. You’ll need to be a new user of a game or app to earn credits. If you already have an account with an app for which Make Money has a task offer, you won’t earn a bean.
5. Overall, low earning potential. This might be sufferable if the payout was fast, but it can take a long time to cash out. The app says it takes three days, but there are horror stories of people who have waited weeks or months to be paid.

How Much Can You Earn on Make Money?

Even though the credit awards are higher than for most other similar apps, what really matters is how much you can earn. I guess this really depends on how fast you can move your fingers around your phone’s keypad, and how good you are at gaming.

Watching videos is a poor earner. It works out at around 0.15p per video. If you watched videos back-to-back without a break, you’d need to watch hundreds of them to earn a pound. Surveys are also time-consuming for little reward.

So, we’re left with games, really. It’s hard to quantify how well these pay – it depends on how long it takes you to get to the levels required. However, I’d be surprised if even the best gamers could earn more than around £5 per hour.

Support & Online Help

The support and help for users of this app is pretty poor. If you have an issue, it can take weeks to resolve, if it does get resolved at all. Many of the one-star reviews mention poor support as a real bug bear.

What Others Say

The Make Money app has a 4.2/5-star average on Google Play from more than 2.93 million reviews. Impressive, eh? That is until you discover that the app requires you to post a 5-star review to get paid! Remove those 5-star reviews – many of which are no more than a couple of words ─ and the picture is much more mixed.

On Trustpilot, it gets an eye-watering 1.9/5 review, with a whopping 88% of reviewers rating 1 star.

Earn Money Reviews Screenshot

The Bottom Line

Despite what some reviews say, the Make Money app is not a scam. But it’s not a big money spinner, either. It certainly isn’t a way that you could replace your earnings and give up the nine-to-five slog of traditional work.

So, who is Make Money for?

If you love playing online games and have a few minutes spare to play each day, then this could be a great app for you. You’ll get paid to play, though be warned that not all games are easy. Getting paid could take longer than you expect, too.

In conclusion, if you want to make real money in your spare time and boost your earnings above the UK average salary, I’d advise you to develop a side hustle and/or passive income.

Check out Swagbucks instead. We’ve trialled this app and it certainly offers a lot more opportunity to earn some extra cash.

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