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Is £30K A Good Salary In The UK?

Is £30K A Good Salary In The UK feature image

Do you know where you stand with your pay? Is £30k a good salary in the UK, or are you getting left behind? Widen your view with all the info right here… You’re in a job that pays a £30k salary, but you’re not sure if your boss is undervaluing you. For a start, you’ve … Read more

How To Make Money Fast

How To Make Money Fast (UK) feature image

There are opportunities out there for everyone to make money. Take a look at this list on how to make money fast – you may discover where your treasure chest lies, and what it could hold for your future! You want to make money fast? Maybe you have a debt to repay, or an investment … Read more

Is £40k A Good Salary In The UK?

Is £40k A Good Salary In The UK feature image

At face value, it sounds like a lot of money – but is £40k a good salary in the UK? How much will it leave you to spend on the things you love and not what you need? We look at the true value of £40k in the UK right here… 40 grand a year. … Read more

Top 1% Income UK

Top 1% Income UK feature page

How much must you earn to be in the top 1% of earners in the UK? Can you become a top earner in this elite minority of wealth? Here are the figures and facts you need to keep on rising like bubbles in champagne. I saw a Tweet a few days ago that said the … Read more

Average Salary In London

Average Salary In London feature image 2

Is the average salary in London enough to live well? If you want to live in London, you need to consider costs as well as how much you’d earn. Here, we help you calculate a true picture of a London lifestyle. I worked in London for the best part of 20 years. It was, and … Read more

28 Ways To Earn Money From Home (UK)

Earn Money From Home UK feature image

From being tired of idle office gossip, to having a passion you want to share with the world – there are plentiful reasons you may decide you want to earn money from home. Here are some great, realistic ideas to transform your work life into a life you love. There’s something wonderful about earning money … Read more

Top 5% Income UK

Top 5% Income UK feature image

How much do you think you’d need to be earning to be in the top 5% income in the UK? You might be surprised with the answer. And if you want to be earning more, you may also be surprised just how close you are… Is the cost-of-living crisis starting to bite into your disposable … Read more

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing programs featured image

In it’s most simple guise, affiliate marketing is a way to make money via recommending a product or service to an audience online – with you earning a commission when someone makes a purchase or becomes a lead. There are a number of affiliate programs in both the UK and globally, and in this article … Read more

Best Money-Making Apps

Best Money-Making Apps UK feature image

You want to make some extra cash from your phone, but don’t know which to download and commit your time to. There are so many out there! Thankfully, our financially savvy Michael Barton has researched the best money-making apps in the UK for us… If you have a mobile phone, money-making apps could be the … Read more

Best Paid Surveys UK

Paid Surveys UK feature image

With many UK paid survey sites to choose from, deciding which is worth your time can be daunting. Which is why we’ve done some heavy research and gold-mined the best paid surveys in the UK to spend your time on and help you earn some extra cash. Have you ever been surveyed on the high … Read more

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