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How To Invest In Northvolt Stock – Is An IPO Coming?

Northvolt Stock featured image

Northvolt, a founder-led company that’s been making waves in the electric battery industry would be an enticing prospect on the stock market. The Swedish company is capitalising on the growing demand for cleaner, more efficient energy sources and is seemingly going from strength to strength. It would be an opportunity to invest in a company … Read more

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing programs featured image

In it’s most simple guise, affiliate marketing is a way to make money via recommending a product or service to an audience online – with you earning a commission when someone makes a purchase or becomes a lead. There are a number of affiliate programs in both the UK and globally, and in this article … Read more

Average Salary UK

Average Salary featured image

Finding out about the average salary in the UK is much more than just comparing yourself to other people in the company. Of course, there is some of that – it’s perfectly natural to want to know where you sit in comparison to the ‘average’ citizen. But how much we get paid has a huge … Read more

Passive Income UK

Passive income featured image

Earning a passive income may seem like a dream to many of us, but despite your preconceptions (which were also mine some 10 years ago), it is possible to make at least some income passively. To what lengths you are able to earn a truly passive income will depend on a range of factors, not … Read more

Best Cashback Apps

Cashback Apps feature image

If you aren’t already signed up to some of the best cashback apps or sites, quite frankly you have been missing out! Cashback apps have become more and more popular in the UK over the last decade, with one app boasting over 2 million members enjoying over £200 in cashback every year. What would you … Read more

Santander Boosts

Santander Boosts featured image

Santander Boosts was introduced in late 2022 to take over from the outgoing Santander Retailer Offers – the old offer scheme that was available to Santander customers. We thought it would be a good idea to dedicate this article to looking at this new offer to establish who can sign up to it, how it … Read more

Best American Express Credit Cards

American Express Credit Cards featured image

This article and its facts and figures were checked and updated on 30th April 2024. Please always check the official websites from our direct links on this article, for the most up-to-date information. We monitor all information closely. If you possess a credit card, you’re amongst many. I’ve got a couple in my wallet, which … Read more

Side Hustle Ideas

Side Hustle Featured Image

Business owner and self-declared side hustler Jason Mills takes a look at 21 of the best side hustle ideas that can be started in the UK today. There is something for everyone here, so find your perfect side gig below… With the rising costs of living and a growing trend of building income and wealth … Read more

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